About The Designer



Founder & CEO Svetlana Shvartsburd is a passionate actor, graduate of the University San Francisco with a marketing degree, but above all, a fitness & body-building lover and avid health & wellness advocate.

She immigrated with her family from Russia to the United States at the age of five on the coattails of her family’s dream for a better life. Having always had an eye for fashion and detail from a young age, she would find artistic outlets in sewing, knitting, and sketching designs.

Svetlana’s love for fitness first emerged in a desperate attempt to quiet stressful times during her college career. She ignited a fire inside her once she began channeling her stresses into something as uplifting as surpassing the fitness goals she would set for herself. From then on, she rediscovered her childhood love for athletic activities which ultimately pushed her closer to her first loves: fashion & acting. She then decided to merge her creativity for fashion with her business savvy skill-set to create what is now known as BeBold Activewear.

The vision & idea of BeBold Activewear is exactly what the name states. We are here to serve the BOLD, the hardworking, the confident, the gym junkies. We want people who put time and effort into shaping their bodies to be noticed. Our promise is to deliver the most luxurious and functional active wear to the market. So when you work out, you look & feel your absolute best and leave feeling just as confident.